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Dash cam review: The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is a little bigger and better for the...

Updated August 23, 2017 to reflect a drop in price.

The Garmin Dash Cam 35's price has gone down a bit since we first included it in our dash cam roundup, so it's now an even better deal. Unlike its DriveAssist 50LMT cousin, the single-channel Garmin Dash Cam 35 produced excellent video in all lighting conditions. And its large (for a dash cam) 3-inch display makes it a bit easier to see what?s going on than the 2-inch types used in the Cobra CDR895D and Viofo A119. 

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Windows 10: Microsoft, nearly finalizing the Fall Creators Update, teases a m...

Even as Microsoft winds down the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, its Insiders are still receiving new capabilities. Case in point: Insider Build 16273, which adds a new mixed-reality mode, the chance to try out Windows 10 S, and even a rather interesting new font.

Though Microsoft seemingly wound down the new Fall Creators Update with its earlier bug bash, it?s now official. In a blog post, software engineer and Windows Insider spokesperson Dona Sarkar confirmed that the Fall Creators Update is ready to be polished for its expected September debut: ?We are now at the point of the development cycle for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update," wrote Sarkar, "where our focus is now on stabilization for release to the world.? 

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A dual-port wall charger is $11 today

Looking for a dual-port wall charger that supports quick charging to match the car charger we talked about last week? Well, today is your lucky day. Right now Aukey is selling its Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger for $11 on Amazon.

As usual, Aukey?s products are sold by the company but fulfilled by Amazon. That means you?re covered by Amazon?s customer service policies if you need to return anything.

The official price on the Amazon page is $20, but right underneath that is a link for ?Buy 1, get 45% off.? (You may need to scroll further down the page to find it if you?re on a mobile device.) Redeem that and you?ll get the $11 deal price.

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Get This 45 Hour Ethical Hacking Bootcamp For $45 - Deal Alert

From the finance sector to your local utility service, organizations across industries must protect themselves from cyber attacks. Not just a PR nightmare (think of giants like Yahoo! and Uber in the news for hacked customer info), threats range from ransomware and cyber extortion to an all-out failure of the electrical grid.

Help thwart threats and add a couple notches to your résumé with the Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, complete with 144 lectures that are currently marked down to $45. With the rise of digital products, a career in cyber security sounds like a pretty safe bet. 

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We build an AMD Threadripper 1920X-Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti PC

AMD?s Threadripper 1920X is a CPU geared toward content creators. To put it to the test, we?re building what we dub the Ultimate 1920x1080 PC, and we?re doing it live on YouTube. Tune in on Tuesday, August 29, at 10:00 a.m. PDT to build along with us.

The first step in any build is to figure out which parts you need and why. We?ve filmed a video covering all of those details and more, including the live build date.

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Why the Galaxy Note8 will make you fall back in love with the S Pen

Here?s the thing that bummed me out the most about last year?s Galaxy Note7 debacle: Not only was the smartphone effectively banished forever, but so was its accompanying S Pen. Granted, a larger version of the S Pen was launched with the Galaxy Tab S3, but having a pen fit into your device is a different experience altogether.

The S Pen is a unique accessory. It?s not just a stylus?it?s a pressure-sensitive productivity tool that unlocks a wide array of software features you won?t see on other mobile devices. It?s one of the reasons people pick the Galaxy Note series over all other smartphones available. Though the Galaxy Note8 mostly adopts the same S Pen enhancements of its predecessor, it?s worth revisiting what makes the pen so involving in the first place.

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This is Samsung Galaxy Note 8's dual-camera, Live Focus advantage

Samsung?s Galaxy Note8 has finally been revealed, and if you have any interest in photography at all, you?ll be focused on the phone?s new dual-camera system. This is a first for Samsung, which has previously stuck with a single camera while its competitors?Apple and LG, to name just two?have gone the dual route.

While LG uses a second camera for wide-angle photos, Samsung is using its second sensor for a depth-of-field mode it?s dubbed Live Focus. I got some hands-on time with the Note8 during a pre-briefing, and I?m convinced this is a huge upgrade for Samsung?s photography fans.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The Galaxy Note8 houses two 12 megapixel cameras almost flush with the glass back.

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Galaxy Note 8 hands-on: This is how Samsung will make you forget Note 7 forever

Ahhh. I see what you did there, Samsung. By releasing a Galaxy Note 8 that looks and feels remarkably like the Galaxy S8+ (a phone most Android enthusiasts would love to have in their pockets), you stand to dissolve all the bad mojo associated with the Galaxy Note 7 (a phone most Android enthusiasts would consign to a fireproof safe).

Seriously, with a 6.3-inch, curved-glass display and remarkably slim bezels, the Note 8 is an S8+ doppelganger. It?s got the same 2:1 aspect ratio?which delivers copious screen real estate, without all the bulk?and only a 0.1-inch increase in display size, a second rear camera, and the addition of an S Pen really differentiate the Note 8 visually from its less productivity-focused stablemate.

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Meet Samsung Galaxy Note8: A bigger and better Galaxy S8+

And just like that, the Note is back. Instead of scrapping the brand after a global recall harpooned last year?s Note7, Samsung went back to the drawing board to build the Note8, its most powerful phablet yet. The compact 6.3-inch phone officially kicks off the end-of-the-year phone wars with a stunning screen and its first dual-camera system. 

Pre-orders for an unlocked Note8 start at a dizzying $929, and begin August 24. Samsung says the phone will begin shipping on September 15. And if you were a U.S. Note7 owner, visit for a special offer: a trade-in value of up to $425 if you upgrade your current phone to a Note8.

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65% off Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Collapsible LED Camping Lantern - Deal Alert

The Etekcity collapsible LED Lantern provides up to 12 hours of bright omnidirectional lighting for your surroundings. It?s lighter, brighter, and more portable than most flashlights while still featuring the rugged durability to withstand the outdoors. The military-grade exterior is water resistant for more practical use in a high range of environments. Save time, energy, and luggage weight with its simple design and practicality. The fold-out collapsible handles make the lantern portable and easy to hang. Keep it on a table or hanging on a branch to illuminate your environment, and the lantern will take care of the rest. Right now a 2-pack of lanterns, with batteries included, is discounted 65% to just $13.99. See this deal on Amazon.

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 review: Better features, new frustrations
Despite a frustrating install, Ring Video Doorbell 2 is still a welcome, improved version of the original doorbell-slash-security camera.
Speed up Windows 10: Tips for a faster PC

Your computer is slow. Annoyingly slow. You can add RAM, or buy a faster SSD, but that costs money. No, the first thing you should do is try to make Windows faster. Thus we present nine ways to speed up your Windows 10 PC without spending a dime.

Be warned: There?s always a trade-off. More speed may mean less battery life, or even giving up a beloved program. You?ll have to decide what sacrifices you?re willing to make in order to increase Windows? speed.

Last spring, I bought a Lenovo Ideapad Miix 310 as a second, smaller PC. I found it so slow it was painful. I used that machine for researching this article. The Miix still isn?t fast, but it?s a lot faster.

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AKG N60NC Wireless noise-cancelling headphones review: They cut the noise, no...
Clear sound, good noise cancellation, and a compact footprint make these travel headphone exceptional.
Thinkware Dash Cam F800 review: Super night vision and app control

Thinkware?s $300 Dash Cam F800 is the company?s latest high-end, dual-channel dash cam offering, and offers easily the best night video we?ve seen. If the author of a recent email to us on the importance of after-dark captures is reading?this is your camera.

Like the F770 we previously reviewed, the F800 relies on a Wi-Fi connection with your cell phone for visuals and settings. If you?re accustomed to having a display, this can take some getting used to, but it?s certainly a less distracting arrangement while driving. Voice feedback and alert sounds fill the gap.

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Microsoft's fascinating GigJam service will close in September

This story was updated on August 22, 2017, to note that the service will close in September.

Microsoft will close and end the preview of its new GigJam productivity service, which was aimed at helping teams of people collaborate in real time over the Internet, the company said Tuesday. 

?After careful consideration, we?ve decided to retire the GigJam Preview on September 22, 2017,? Microsoft said. As of that day, any remaining ?gigs? will automatically expire.

GigJam combines data from a variety of services including Microsoft?s own Office 365, Trello, Dropbox, and Salesforce. Users can then bring that information into a shared workspace, or ?gig,? allowing them to quickly work together.

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